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Thank you for all your gracious support. I am humbled to serve you as Kentucky's Governor. Together, we can give Kentucky a brighter future. The attributes that have long defined our great Commonwealth are trust in God, love of liberty, rugged self-reliance and a willingness to work hard. These are the traits that have forged Kentucky’s character... The very character that led to the creation of a state flag that shows a pioneer and a statesman shaking hands, surrounded by the admonition that, ‘United We Stand, Divided We Fall’.
We must indeed be united. One people. One Kentucky. Our future success depends on it. And don’t doubt for one moment, that with a strong and united effort, a bright future awaits us... Now is the time to seize it!”

— Matt Bevin

Proudly endorsed by:
-Kentucky Right to Life
-National Rifle Association (NRA)
-National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)
  • Matt Bevin Campaign Sends Positive Message with "Next Generation" Ad

    the Matt Bevin for Governor campaign added to their rotation a TV/Radio ad titled “Next Generation." The ad, which can be viewed here, was the successful closing message that put Matt Bevin over the top in the primary. In the ad, businessman Matt Bevin talks about his Blueprint for a Better Kentucky and shares his positive vision. "Next Generation" appeals to the civic duty of the voter to participate in the November 3rd election.

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  • Bevin Campaign Releases Statement on Vox Populi Poll Showing Gov. Race Tied 44-44

    The Matt Bevin for Governor campaign responded to the release of the Vox Populi poll on the race for Kentucky Governor between small business owner Matt Bevin and career politician Jack Conway. Below is a statement from Bevin campaign manager Ben Hartman:

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  • Matt Bevin Campaign Releases New TV Ad “Vote”

    The Matt Bevin for Governor campaign released their closing TV ad titled “Vote.”  The ad, which can be viewed here, features Matt talking direct to camera, making clear the contrasts between his vision for a fresh start for Kentucky, and the Liberal Obama Agenda of Jack Conway. 

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  • Open Letter to Teachers

    Most Kentuckians are aware of our state’s looming pension crisis. The crisis is so bad that, last month, Standard and Poor downgraded Kentucky’s credit rating because of “Kentucky's substantially underfunded pension liabilities that are the result of chronic underfunding…”

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  • Bevin Campaign Responds to Bluegrass Poll

    The Matt Bevin for Governor campaign responded to the Bluegrass Poll. The following is a statement from Bevin-Hampton campaign manager, Ben Hartman:

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