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Jenean and I have both been blessed to come from humble beginnings and to live the American Dream.

The attributes that have long defined our great Commonwealth are trust in God, love of liberty, rugged self-reliance and a willingness to work hard. These are the traits that have forged Kentucky’s character...The very character that led to the creation of a state flag that shows a pioneer and a statesman shaking hands, surrounded by the admonition that, ‘United We Stand, Divided We Fall’.

We must indeed be united. One people. One Kentucky. Our future success depends on it. 

And don’t doubt for one moment, that with a strong and united effort, a bright future awaits us...Now is the time to seize it!

If elected to serve, our administration will strive each day to ensure that every Kentuckian has a chance to achieve their own American Dream.”

— Matt Bevin

  • Matt Bevin Calls on Beshear to Arm Reserve Personnel

    Today, GOP nominee for Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin called on Governor Beshear to arm our National Guard and reserve men and women while on duty.

    "As a U.S. Army veteran, I call on Governor Beshear to immediately issue an Executive Order allowing National Guard and reserve personnel the option of being armed while on duty.  This is an appropriate and necessary security measure that will increase the protection of our military service members. Those that we trust to defend our nation deserve no less than the ability to defend themselves," said Matt Bevin.

    Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Indiana and Tennessee have all taken appropriately similar steps in light of the recent, tragic shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

  • Matt Bevin Urges Gov Beshear to Protect Constitutional Rights of County Clerks

    GOP nominee for Kentucky Governor, Matt Bevin, called on Governor Steve Beshear to reconcile the conflict between the legalization of same-sex marriage and the religious rights of all Kentucky citizens, in particular, but not limited to, county clerks.

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    After winning the GOP gubernatorial primary, Matt speaks to a packed house in Lexington, KY at the State GOP Lincoln Dinner on May 30, 2015. 

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    Web video highlighting Matt's primary win, election night speech, and plans moving forward. The ad also points out that while Matt released a detailed plan to tackle Kentucky's biggest problems, AG Conway has yet to release any solutions despite having announced his run for governor over a year ago.

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    Louisville, KY - Today, Kentucky gubernatorial GOP nominee Matt Bevin reiterated his challenge to Jack Conway to release his plan to address the problems facing Kentucky.

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