Bevin Campaign Refutes New Conway Ad

The Matt Bevin campaign responded to a new ad from the Conway campaign falsely touting a positive record for Conway on coal. 

"Jack Conway’s latest TV ad shows that he’s hitting the panic button in defense of his liberal record. The truth is, Conway has accepted thousands of dollars in contributions from anti-coal groups like Sierra Club to go along with his support for pro-Obama positions such as the job-killing Cap and Trade plan and ObamaCare. When it comes to defending Kentucky against the job-killing policies of the Obama administration, Jack Conway simply cannot be trusted.

"Further, former RNC Chairman Mike Duncan is a supporter and contributor to Matt Bevin's campaign. He has firmly rejected his words being taken out of context for this misleading ad," said Bevin Communications Director Jessica Ditto.

The Bevin campaign also released a Fact/Fiction sheet on Conway's actual coal record.