Bevin Campaign Responds to Bluegrass Poll

The Matt Bevin for Governor campaign responded to the Bluegrass Poll. The following is a statement from Bevin-Hampton campaign manager, Ben Hartman:

These numbers show that Jack Conway has failed to convince Kentuckians that he should be our next Governor.  Last year, the Bluegrass poll had the U.S. Senate race within the margin of error days before the general election, and we ended up seeing a 16 point landslide for Senator McConnell on Election Day. As Matt travels the state meeting voters in the final week we are clearly seeing the enthusiasm and momentum behind Matt’s positive message. Democrats must be panicked.  Despite the Conway/Obama team spending over $12 million attacking Matt with lies and misrepresentations, Kentucky continues to side with Matt Bevin because he provides concrete solutions to the problems that everyday Kentuckians face.

Jack Conway is wrong on all the issues that Kentuckians care about, believes that his liberalism is a laughing matter, and has done nothing but convince Kentuckians that he is simply a rubber stamp for the Liberal Obama Agenda.

Matt has a clear vision for Kentucky and will bring strong conservative leadership to the governorship on day one. On election day next Tuesday, there is clearly a better choice for Governor, conservative Matt Bevin.”