Bevin Campaign Statement on the Loss of 180 Kentucky Jobs Due to Obama's Anti-Coal Regulations

The Matt Bevin campaign sent out a message to Kentucky workers in response to the news that 180 Kentucky families are losing their jobs at the hands of the anti-coal policies of the Obama administration.

ccording to LEX 18, “approximately 180 active CSX employees have lost their jobs after CSX closed their mechanical shops in Corbin. Multiple employees have told LEX 18 that they were laid off in a meeting Tuesday morning. CSX confirms that the rail yard will remain open but that the mechanical shops used to maintain, inspect and service locomotives and rail cars for coal trains moving from Central Appalachia will close.”

This afternoon Matt Bevin is in Ohio County for a meet and greet hosted by a Western Kentucky coal company. Unlike Jack Conway who proudly voted for Obama twice, Matt Bevin is committed to fighting for our coal industry and growing Kentucky jobs.

“This news is devastating. The job loss is a direct result of Obama’s war on coal," said Jessica Ditto, Bevin Communications Director. "Unfortunately, every week we get bad news that another Kentucky community is being affected by the anti-coal regulations of the liberal left."

“Jack Conway is nothing but a rubber stamp for Obama’s job-killing policies. Jack Conway proudly supports Barack Obama including the harmful affects of ObamaCare and Cap and Trade. The agenda of Jack Conway and Barack Obama are destroying our state. It is time to stand up and fight for our jobs. We cannot afford another four years of Barack Obama's devastating agenda on our state.” 

“Conservative businessman Matt Bevin will fight for our coal industry. He will fight against the Obama administration and he will bring jobs to our state that are desperately needed.”