Bevin Challenges Conway to Pick Either Obama or Kentucky

Today, Barack Obama is implementing some of the most radical, anti-coal EPA restrictions in our nation’s history. In the process, he is throwing away states' rights and, instead, pursuing radical environmental mandates with utter disregard for the rule of law. These new EPA plans will cause significant harm to Kentucky’s coal industry and sharply increase the energy rates for Kentucky residents. And yet, while being funded by those who despise coal, Jack tells us with a straight face to believe that he supports our coal industry. The hypocrisy is shameless.  

"Kentucky coal miners and the coal industry at large have been under attack by Barack Obama since before he ever entered the White House,” said Matt Bevin. “Not only did Jack Conway proudly vote for Obama twice, he has also long been funded by the Sierra Club and others who fight every day against the interests of our coal industry. Jack Conway needs to start telling the truth about his political allegiance to the extreme environmentalists who give him money. If not, he owes an apology to Kentucky coal miners for being a hypocrite on this issue." 

“I have pledged in writing, that as Governor, I will not comply with EPA requests for Kentucky to voluntarily comply with the further destruction of the coal industry. We need a Governor who will truly stand up for Kentucky coal.”