Bevin Launches TV Ad: Vote the Kentucky Team

Today, the Bevin for Kentucky campaign released a new TV ad: Vote the Kentucky Team!  The ad hits TV just in time for primetime football games and will be airing on broadcast TV in the Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Paducah, Evansville, Hazard and Charleston markets. 



Vote the Kentucky Team

Full Script: 

Announcer: Two teams taking the field. Leading Obama's team, political insider Jack Conway. Conway's playbook supports Obama's liberal agenda - that means Obamacare and Obama's job-killing Cap and Trade Plan. Conway will take us the wrong way. 

Announcer: Leading Kentucky's team of greater prosperity is outsider businessman Matt Bevin. Bevin has a conservative game plan to cut taxes, create jobs, and fight Obama's job-killing regulations. 

Announcer: Vote the Kentucky Team. Matt Bevin for Governor.