Bevin Responds to Conway's Failure to Defend County Clerks

Today, GOP nominee for Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin responded to AG Jack Conway's refusal to protect the First Amendment rights of Kentucky's county clerks. 

“Jack Conway has failed to do his job as Attorney General by refusing to defend Kentucky’s marriage amendment, and he is failing to defend the religious freedom of our Kentucky clerks,” said Matt Bevin. "I once again call on Governor Beshear and AG Conway to do their jobs and defend the Constitutional rights of all Kentuckians, including our county clerks."

According to the Lexington Herald Leader, Conway's refusal to defend Kentucky's same-sex marriage ban is costing Kentucky taxpayers $2.3 million in outside legal fees.

Over the last couple of months, Bevin has urged Governor Beshear to reconcile the conflict between the legalization of same-sex marriage and protecting the First Amendment rights of Kentucky's citizens, stating, "It is incumbent upon the Governor and the Kentucky legislature to represent all of the Commonwealth's citizens, and uphold their individual liberties. To the extent those liberties come into conflict, such as in the case here, we should look for the least restrictive means to providing necessary government services."

Bevin laid out a comprehensive plan that would allow the state to comply with the law while protecting the religious liberties of the state's county clerks and judges, and called on AG Conway to do the same. You can read Bevin's proposal here