In his latest ad, Jack Conway purports to be a friend of coal, but in reality he is a left-wing liberal who accepts money from groups trying to destroy the coal industry. We all know that he is Pro-Obama, Pro-Cap-and-Trade, and Pro-Obamacare. When it comes to defending Kentucky against the job-killing policies of the Obama administration Jack cannot be trusted. 

Matt Bevin is a friend of coal: 

  • Accepts no contributions from anti-coal groups 
  • Unequivocally stands up to the EPA & Obama 
  • Opposes Cap and Trade 




Ad: “He stood up to Barack Obama to protect Kentucky Jobs” 

Supported Obama’s job-killing Cap and Trade bill 

Source: Courier-Journal, 7/12/2009

Ad: “He took on the EPA” 

He is blocking FOIA requests to protect the EPA 

“The Kentucky scandal involving Gov. Steve Beshear’s false claim that it has “no records” relating to its long-running effort to promote EPA’s “111(d)” climate change rules, aimed at shutting the nation’s existing coal-fired power plants, just got stranger. This is courtesy of newly produced records indicating Attorney General Jack Conway has gotten in on the act.” 

“The record reflects that Attorney General Conway’s Office chose to avoid fulfilling its obligations, when doing so was certain to draw the ire of one of two constituencies the Attorney General is courting as he seeks to become governor. These documents indicate that, when the job and the campaign came into apparent conflict, the campaign won out.” 




Ad: “Kentucky comes First”


Jack Conway has accepted thousands of dollars in contributions from the Sierra Club, a group that brags about shutting down coal plants on its website. 

“We can't let up until we have stopped every single coal export facility.” Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune, August 2014 

“At the same time, we continued to block mountaintop removal mining in Appalachia and prevented U.S. coal exports from entering international markets.” 

Source: Sierra Club http://content.sierraclub.org/coal/interactive/2014-annual-report 

Ad: Mike Duncan “Praised Jack Conway"

Former RNC Chairman Mike Duncan is a Matt Bevin supporter and has contributed to his campaign. His words have been taken out of context to mislead voters. 

"The Conway-Overly campaign is misleading Kentucky voters by taking my praise for several Attorneys General out of context. I’m concerned and disappointed that the Conway-Overly campaign did not have the courtesy to contact me before selectively using my words in a campaign commercial,” Mike Duncan, 09/21/2015  

Ad: Kentucky Coal Association Praised Conway 

Another quote out of context. In the same breath Matt Bevin was praised for being “very pro-coal” 

Source: Kentucky Coal Association, CN2 8/13/15

Ad: I’ll stand up to anybody 

Only on the campaign trail. Crit Luallen, the voice he listens to most, is anti-coal and says you got to do what you got to do to get elected. She said so about Alison Grimes’ phony pro-coal positioning. 

“Luallen, who considered running for governor in 2015, told one of the undercover videographers that the policies of the Obama administration are already having a big effect on the industry. 

“It’s already going in the right direction,” Luallen said. “She’s just got to do what she’s got to do to get elected.” 

Source: CN2 10/6/14