Conway on the Defensive at EKU Debate

Tonight, yet again, Matt Bevin won the debate on the issues that matter deeply to Kentuckians, demonstrating a mastery of the facts and showing he is prepared to lead as governor on day one. Conway demonstrated a mastery of making promises with no way to pay for them. 

Matt Bevin called for a debate on Obamacare when the state’s largest health cooperative collapsed two weeks ago. Tonight, Conway defended the failure and claimed that $146M of federal tax dollars was not a loss to Kentuckians. 

Tonight's debate highlighted the distinction between a liberal big spender and a conservative businessman. On every issue Jack Conway showed that he would be a rubber stamp for Obama’s failed, job-killing policies,” said Ben Hartman campaign manager.

“On the pension crisis, Conway says he will "monitor" the situation. That is not a solution. It is the number one issue facing the state. We have to fix the pension crisis. Yet, Jack has no plan to offer.

“On the budget, when Matt pushed Conway on the fact that his budget cuts were forced on him by the legislature he admitted that he didn’t cut his budget, but he “implemented it,” Hartman concluded.