Conway Plays Dodgeball at KSR Debate

Middletown, KY - Today, on the Kentucky Sports Radio debate, Kentuckians across the state got to hear just how out of touch Jack Conway is with voters. It was a clear win for Team Kentucky and another bruiser for Team Obama.

The way Jack Conway played this debate it might have been a game of dodgeball. He ducked and dodged every question that would reveal just how liberal he is.

Here’s the play by play:

Taxes: When asked how he will pay for his education plan? Jack Conway couldn’t say because “new revenue stream” means tax increase. Bottom line: Jack Conway will raise taxes.

Coal: Jack Conway is no friend of coal. He supports Cap and Trade and today said he would “do coal cleaner” – what does that mean, Jack?

Illegal Board Appointments: When the clock was winding down, Jack Conway and Steve Beshear threw a Hail Mary and orchestrated a stunt to stop protests from the black community. However, Conway still won’t do his job and prosecute the other illegal university board appointments.

Planned Parenthood: He refused to stand up for the pro-life values of our state and instead squirmed his way out of answering whether he would defund Planned Parenthood.

Final Point: Jack is a Duke and Obama fan. 

Voters have a true choice in this race. Matt Bevin is the only candidate with the business experience to create jobs, lower taxes, and fix our spending problems in Frankfort. To learn the truth about Jack’s attacks go to:


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