Democrats Slow to Lead on Speed Limits

Middletown, KY - Today, after denying it for years, Governor Beshear announced that the speed limit on U.S. 68/KY 80 in Calloway and Graves counties would be increased. This announcement comes on the heels of Matt Bevin’s repeated promise to raise the speed limit and make needed improvements to the region’s four-lane highways if elected governor.

“We are pleased that the Democrats are finally catching up with Matt Bevin’s leadership on the transportation issues in Western Kentucky. This is an issue that Matt Bevin has been a leader on throughout his campaign because it is so vital to the economic development in the region,” said campaign manager Ben Hartman.

“The current democratic leadership has denied the speed limit increase for years and only after Matt Bevin made clear that he will make it happen does any action occur. On more than one occasion, Matt has visited the area and made it known that if elected he would increase the speed limits and make sure that these transportation issues become a higher priority. We are glad to see that Governor Beshear is following Matt’s lead and making this needed improvement in Western Kentucky." 

Matt’s leadership on this issue is well documented. From Murray Ledger-Times article published on August 1, 2015, “With the intersection KY 80 and U.S. 641 as the backdrop, Republican Matt Bevin saidFriday that the speed limits of those Calloway County four-lane highways would rise if he is elected Kentucky governor.”

Last month, Matt was in the area and repeated his pledge as the Murray Ledger-Times reported, “As he had a little more than a month earlier, gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin said the four-laning of U.S. 641 South and the increase of speed limits to 65 mph on four-lane highways in Kentucky should be of higher priority Thursday. …Bevin repeated much of what he had said in August about 641 South’s importance to the area, particularly in drawing Tennessee residents to buy products north of the state line.”

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