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  • Overview

    The Youth for Matt Bevin Internship Program is a select internship experience designed to give high-quality high school and college students the opportunity to see the inner workings of a campaign and contribute to growing and improving the State of Kentucky.

    Matt Bevin understands that the best ways to recruit Kentucky's best and brightest into public service is to get them immersed in the daily operation of a statewide campaign and give them the responsibility and opportunity to make a difference.

    The program will provide opportunities in each of the organized campaign departments (Communications, Strategic Grassroots Organization, Administration, Tech Support and Fundraising). The objective is for interns to be directly involved with the upper-level workings of the campaign apparatus. Students will be exposed to the real decision-making processes and engaged in projects that utilize their skills, abilities, and enthusiasm.

  • Benefits

    The program will offer a myriad of unique experiences and future opportunities found in very few other state or nationwide programs. The internship program is designed to be an educational experience. Upon completion, student may obtain academic credit, certification or recognition, and a letter of recommendation. Our team will work with you to ensure these needs are met. During the campaign, you will have the opportunity to connect with self-made men and women in and outside your community and the state of Kentucky.

  • Structure

    The intern program will place 15-30 interns in throughout the state. College students interning are expected to commit a minimum of 35 hours before November 3rd. Students will be able to create their own schedule around our office hours of 10am-8pm, Mon-Sat. Parental/guardianship consent will be requested to address internship travel arrangements and scheduling for those under 18. Interns will be responsible for logging these hours and submitting reports to satisfy academic credits.

    The application process will include:

    1. Internship Application
    2. Current ResumeĀ (if you have one)
    3. Interview

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