Matt Bevin Calls for Obamacare Debate with Jack Conway

In light of the recent collapse of the Kentucky Healthcare Cooperative, Matt Bevin called on opponent Jack Conway to address the issue of Obamacare in a public debate. The closure of the state’s largest provider created under Obamacare was intentionally announced late last Friday before the holiday weekend.

“The Democratic leadership has failed the people of Kentucky. They tried to bury the evidence of Obamacare’s disastrous results in a late-Friday policy announcement,” Bevin said. “I am calling on my opponent to address this issue openly and transparently before the voters of Kentucky. Kentuckians deserve to know how each of us would handle the very real and costly flaws of Obamacare." 

“My opponent says he would have been proud to vote for Obamacare and stands by his position. But now we are beginning to feel the ramifications of this misguided law as 51,000 Kentuckians lose their insurance," Bevin continued.

“Who will be responsible for the estimated $50 million loss of the Kentucky Health Cooperative? Will it be policyholders, the government, the insurance guaranty fund, providers or the taxpayers? Sadly, we know it will be the latter.

“We know that insurance rates are going up. As the Federal government continues to cut the subsidies for Kentucky Medicaid, how will our taxpayers pay the price?

“In the very near future Kentucky will be on the hook for the massive Medicaid expansion. The path we are on is unsustainable, but Jack Conway offers no solution. The events of this weekend prove that we cannot afford to sit idly by and wait for the invoice in 2017. Voters deserve to know what would a Bevin or Conway administration do. What is at stake is too important to be ignored until after the Election.”

Matt Bevin campaign manager Ben Hartman has reached out to Jack Conway’s campaign to arrange a debate. He has not yet received a response.