Matt Bevin Campaign Releases New Radio Ad

The Matt Bevin for Governor campaign announced a new radio ad titled "Glenna." The 60 second ad features Glenna Bevin as she describes her husband's character and leadership. 


VO: Meet Glenna Bevin, wife of conservative candidate for Governor, Matt Bevin

Glenna: One thing you should know about Matt is that he has a servant’s heart. It’s who he is, it’s who he’s always been.

He truly believes that we should take care of our fellow man, and he loves Kentucky, he cares about our family, but he cares about all of Kentucky’s families.

Our family is guided by our Christian faith. Matt takes his faith very seriously, he follows the teachings of Christ. We believe that we are here to serve and to love and its important that we take care of each other.

Matt has a vision, he has a plan, and he is good at executing those things. He is a businessman, he’s not an insider. He wants to fight for us. He wants to lead Kentucky in a different direction. Matt is a great husband and father, and he’s going to be a great Governor for Kentucky.

VO: Christian values, Conservative leaderships, a fresh start for Kentucky. Matt Bevin for Governor.

Matt Bevin: I’m Matt Bevin and I approve this message

VO: Paid for by Bevin for Kentucky

Yesterday, the campaign announced the launch of a radio messaging push on stations across the state. The campaign is also running an ad featuring Matt's running mate Jenean Hampton. The 60 second spot titled "Jenean"shares a positive message about Jenean's background and why she and Matt are running to serve Kentuckians.  

Link: Matt Bevin Campaign Releases New TV Ad and Launches Statewide Radio Campaign