Matt Bevin Campaign Releases New TV Ad

Today, the Matt Bevin for Governor campaign released a new television ad titled "Fresh Start." The ad highlights Bevin's military service, Christian values, and conservative leadership. It will run statewide on broadcast television, cable networks and satellite TV. 

Earlier this week, the campaign announced a 7-figure ad buy, and today's ad will be the third television ad the Bevin campaign has released during the general election. Previously, the campaign ran "Vote the Kentucky Team" and "One Thing".  In stark contrast to the tactics being employed by Jack Conway and Kentucky Democrats, Matt Bevin is running a positive campaign, sharing his vision for Kentucky, and making the choice in this election very clear.

Full Script:

Announcer: Politicians like Jack Conway will say anything to get elected. 

There’s a better choice: outsider businessman Matt Bevin. 

Bevin came from humble beginnings, served in the U.S. Army and started his own business. 

Now Bevin is running for Governor to improve education and create better jobs for Kentucky. That starts with cutting taxes, and saying “no” to Obama’s Washington. 

Christian values, conservative leadership. A fresh start for Kentucky. Matt Bevin for Governor.