Matt Bevin Campaign Releases New TV Ad and Launches Statewide Radio Campaign

The Matt Bevin for Governor campaign announced a new television ad titled “Voices," which airs tomorrow. The ad features Kentucky voters from all walks of life who support Matt and Jenean's conservative ideas and don't want to see the state run by pro-Obama liberal Jack Conway.


"Voices" TV Script:

Jack Conway, he’s too liberal.

He’s just too liberal 

Way too liberal

He’s just like Obama, maybe worse than Obama

Jack Conway is a career politician

He’s got the same liberal, anti-coal policies

Let’s get rid of career politicians

Kentucky deserves a fresh start

Matt Bevin is a conservative Woman 2: Matt Bevin will always be a conservative

Matt Bevin’s an outsider, he’s not a politician

Matt Bevin is a Christian, a husband, and a father.

AND a veteran

I’m voting for Matt Bevin 

I’m voting for Matt Bevin

We’re voting for Matt Bevin

The Bevin campaign also launched a radio messaging push on stations across the state. The radio advertising buy was placed today and will begin with an ad featuring Matt's running mate Jenean Hampton. The 60 second spot shares a positive message about Jenean's background and why she and Matt are running to serve Kentuckians.

"Jenean" Radio Script: 

VO: Meet Jenean Hampton, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, and Matt Bevin’s running mate.

JH: I knew as a kid that I was blessed to be born in this nation and this time and I could just go anywhere that I wanted to go. And despite growing up in bleak circumstances I knew I was never stuck there.

VO: Listen to Jenean Hampton.

JH: I’d like to promote education, continual lifelong improvement, there’s always something to learn, it’s never too late to learn something new, if you feel you can’t pursue the American dream or achieve the American dream I’m here to tell you you’re wrong, you absolutely can, I believe that.

VO: Jenean Hampton is joining with Matt Bevin to create a brighter future for all Kentucky families. That means more jobs, better education, and greater opportunity. Jenean Hampton and Matt Bevin. We are Kentucky.

MATT: I’m Matt Bevin and I approve this message.

VO: Paid for by Bevin for Kentucky.