Matt Bevin Campaign Releases New TV Ad “Vote”

The Matt Bevin for Governor campaign released their closing TV ad titled “Vote.”  The ad, which can be viewed here, features Matt talking direct to camera, making clear the contrasts between his vision for a fresh start for Kentucky, and the Liberal Obama Agenda of Jack Conway. 


“Vote” TV Script:

Jack Conway is spending millions lying about me. It’s all he’s got!  

That’s because Conway is a career politician who supports Obama’s agenda.  

We need new ideas and a fresh start for Kentucky.  

I’m a businessman, an outsider with a positive vision.  

I’ll fight to improve education, increase jobs, repeal Common Core and cut taxes.  

I’m a Christian, a husband, a father of nine and a U.S. Army veteran.

I’m Matt Bevin, and I’d be honored to serve as your next Governor.