Matt Bevin Campaign Releases New Web Ad

The Matt Bevin for Governor campaign announced a new web ad titled “Upgrade.”  The ad, which can be viewed here, is a somewhat humorous take on how Jack Conway has failed to gain any ground in this November’s election due to his support for job-killing policies, Obamacare, and Obama’s liberal agenda.


“Upgrade” Web Script:

Conway: Siri, Jack Conway here, I have a problem, I love Obama’s liberal agenda, but it's very unpopular

Phone: I’m sorry, you’re a liberal Jack

Conway: I supported Obama’s job-killing cap and trade bill, but Kentucky doesn’t like it

Phone: You’re still a liberal Jack

Conway: I’m desperate, I supported Obamacare and it's killing my campaign!  What do I do? 

Phone:  Silly Jack, you’re not fooling anyone, time for an upgrade, Matt Bevin, for Governor