Matt Bevin Campaign Sends Positive Message with "Next Generation" Ad

the Matt Bevin for Governor campaign added to their rotation a TV/Radio ad titled “Next Generation." The ad, which can be viewed here, was the successful closing message that put Matt Bevin over the top in the primary. In the ad, businessman Matt Bevin talks about his Blueprint for a Better Kentucky and shares his positive vision. "Next Generation" appeals to the civic duty of the voter to participate in the November 3rd election.


"Next Generation” TV Script:

Matt Bevin:

Tomorrow is Election Day. Many have sacrificed everything to give us this privilege.

This will be an important election for Kentucky but it is also important that we remember to look beyond this election and start looking at the next-generation.

I have written a plan to create jobs and make Kentucky prosperous.  It's called a Blueprint for a Better Kentucky, and I invite you to read it at  There you will find very specific ideas on how we can cut taxes, shrink the size of government, fix our pension system, repeal Kynect, and stop Obama's war on Kentucky.

We need to improve the education system in Kentucky and provide a brighter future for our children and develop an employable workforce. That starts with repealing common core and bringing strong curriculum, vocational training, and school choice to Kentucky.

All of these things will only happen if you wake up tomorrow and go to the polls. It is your right, it is your privilege and it is your obligation. I’m Matt Bevin and I would be grateful for your vote.