Louisville, KY - Today, Kentucky gubernatorial GOP nominee Matt Bevin reiterated his challenge to Jack Conway to release his plan to address the problems facing Kentucky.

The challenge was first issued in February at a Bevin-Hampton press conference and a formal letter was sent in early March. Conway has yet to release his plan. 

"Although AG Conway has been running for governor for over a year, he has yet to offer any solutions to the serious problems facing our state. Jenean and I have laid out very specifically what our administration's priorities would be because voters deserve no less than to know why we are running. Failure to address Kentucky's problems, and the lack of presenting solutions, brings into question if Jack Conway is running for this position purely for personal and political gain," said Matt Bevin. "This is a race that should be decided on issues. Voters deserve an honest debate on who is best qualified to lead Kentucky into the future."

Today is the 406th day since Jack Conway announced his candidacy for Governor that he has not had a plan to offer Kentuckians. 

Bevin released a full plan shortly after announcing his candidacy. The plan focuses on 7 key pillars to improve Kentucky's economic climate and solve the most dire issues facing the Commonwealth:

  • Enacting Pro-business Legislation
  • Modernizing Kentucky's Tax Code
  • Resolving Our Pension Crisis
  • Reforming Kentucky's Government 
  • Modernizing Kentucky's Education System 
  • Improving Kentucky Health Care
  • Fighting Federal Government Overreach

You can read the plan here.