Matt Bevin Social Media Dominates in Governor's Race

Today, the Bevin-Hampton campaign released stats showing the enthusiasm on social media lies with their campaign. 

While Matt Bevin has nearly 12,000 Twitter followers, the Conway campaign has just over 5500. Bevin has over 55,000 Facebook fans with the majority of fans in Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, and Somerset. That is quadruple the Facebook fans of Conway who has less than 14,000 Facebook fans. Last week, Bevin outperformed Conway on Facebook engagement 49,900 to 3,800.

"Despite spending millions of dollars on false attack ads against Matt Bevin, Jack Conway's campaign is not garnering support or passion. The enthusiasm and momentum are with Matt Bevin. We continue to drastically outperform Conway's campaign at every turn, as people hear Matt's message of bringing true economic prosperity to Kentucky. And, we will certainly outperform Jack Conway on election day," said Bevin campaign manager Ben Hartman.