Matt Bevin Urges Gov Beshear to Protect Religious Freedom for County Clerks

Today, GOP nominee for Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin once again urged Governor Beshear to reconcile theconflict between the legalization of same-sex marriage and protecting the First Amendment rights of Kentucky's citizens. Last month, Bevin laid out a comprehensive plan that would allow the state to comply with the law and would protect the religious liberties of the state's county clerks and judges.

"I have called on Governor Beshear to protect the constitutional rights of our county clerks because it is important for all Kentuckians to have the full protection of the law. I have proposed a very specific plan that would allow Kentucky to achieve the goal of complying with the law while protecting clerks with religious objections. My proposal has been ignored by Governor Beshear and Jack Conway. AG Jack Conway has refused to set aside his support for gay marriage to stand with Kentuckians and our right to religious freedom. Why will Kentucky Democrats not stand up for the First Amendment rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution to all Kentuckians?" said Matt Bevin.

You can read Bevin's proposal here