Matt Bevin Wins First Broadcast Debate

Tonight, Matt Bevin was the clear winner in the first gubernatorial debate hosted by Bluegrass Poll. In stark contrast to his opponents, Matt offered real solutions and stayed focused on his vision for a better Kentucky.

“Matt demonstrated his entrepreneurial leadership abilities to improve Kentucky’s economic climate and attract jobs,” said campaign manager Ben Hartman. “He offered fresh ideas and a clear vision for Kentucky.”

Throughout the debate, Matt offered solutions to the very serious problems confronting Kentucky’s retirement, education, and health care systems. He showed the voters that he will reach across the aisle and work with all sides, all backgrounds to produce pragmatic solutions.

On the other hand, Jack Conway spent the entire hour lobbing the same-old false attacks and running from his pro-Obama record. When asked why he would not do his job to stand up for Kentuckians on religious freedom Conway dodged the issues. When asked why he would not uphold the law and hold Governor Beshear accountable for his partisan board appointments Jack Conway dodged the issue. 

“Tonight, Jack couldn’t hide behind false attack ads,”continued Hartman. “It is abundantly clear that Conway will do more for the Obama administration than Kentucky.”