Matt Bevin knows the invaluable role mothers play in the lives of their family. As a devoted husband and father of nine, he also knows that the future of our great Commonwealth depends on the strength of Kentucky's families.

That's why Matt has made education one of the pillars of his Blueprint for a Better Kentucky. Matt supports repealing Common Core, passing charter school legislation, and giving parents and students more educational choices through school vouchers.

Will you stand with Matt and be part of the solution? The countdown is on to May 19th so get started now...



Moms know it's the little things that make a difference. The action items below can be done during your ordinary day of being an extraordinary mom:

  • Share this Page with other moms
  • Encourage others to take the Moms for Matt Challenge
  • Sign up to volunteer or display a yard sign
  • Print and distribute 50 copies of our Moms for Matt full-page flyer.
  • Keep copies in your car and pass out in the carpool line, games & practices, church, and door to door in your neighborhood
  • Follow Matt on Twitter: @MattBevin
  • Tweet about Moms for Matt and Matt's support of repealing Common Core, passing charter school legislation, and empowering parents over bureaucrats.