Republicans Make Historic Gains in Fourth Congressional District

More good news came out of the latest voter registration statistics, which revealed that the GOP has taken over the Fourth Congressional District. For the first time in what may be the state’s history, a Kentucky Congressional District is now majority Republican. The news of this GOP takeover underscores the district’s alignment with Republican gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin.

“The road to Frankfort runs through Northern Kentucky and we want to see Republican Matt Bevin elected governor,” said Congressman Thomas Massie. “Matt represents the values of our state. He has the support of the Fourth Congressional District.”

“Matt Bevin has a stronghold of support in Northern Kentucky, because like them, he is pro-life, pro-2nd amendment, and pro-jobs. This GOP momentum shows how out of touch Jack Conway is with Kentucky,” said Ben Hartman campaign manager. “Kentuckians have been let down by the failed liberal policies of career politicians like Jack Conway. They want a fresh start. They don’t want someone who has voted for Obama twice and wants to keep the status quo.” 

"The conservative message of more efficient and effective government is where our voters are today.  That's why the Republican Party is growing," said Boone County Judge Executive Gary Moore.

Boone County Clerk Kenny Brown said that the newest voter stats reflect a historic mark, “It appears for the first time a Kentucky congressional district has a Republican majority in terms of voters' party affiliation.” 

Brown said the residents in his county have been a significant leader in bringing this change. According to Clerk Brown, Boone County's voter registration stats show Republicans have outpaced Democrats by nearly a 3 to 1 margin since 2006 by adding 13,961 new Republicans compared to 5,727 new Democrats. Brown says with 50,149 registered Republicans Boone County is the fourth largest Republican County in Kentucky. 

Statewide total growth since Obama was first elected President is 295,043 voters. Republicans have added 205,671 of those new voters compared to the Democrats’ 22,961. 

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