Serious Issues in Kentucky are No Laughing Matter, Jack

Lexington, KY - Tonight, in the final debate of the gubernatorial election Matt Bevin demonstrated he is the only candidate ready to lead with solutions to address the problems affecting Kentucky.

"The issues affecting Kentucky are not a laughing matter. Wages are less – not a laughing matter. Coal jobs are lost – not a laughing matter. Lost health coverage – not a laughing matter. Pension crisis - not a laughing matter. Heroin problem - not a laughing matter. The reason these debates have been so uncomfortable for Jack Conway is because he lacks the solutions and real-world experience to lead," said Ben Hartman campaign manager.

"Time and time again Matt Bevin has proven that he will bring strong conservative leadership and common sense solutions to the Office of Governor on Day One. While Jack Conway insists on “monitoring” the issues that impact the day-to-day lives of Kentuckians, Matt Bevin offers specific solutions to eradicate these problems and provide a fresh start for Kentucky."

If you missed it, Bevin released a new TV Ad earlier today highlighting the differences between himself and Conway that makes clear that after voting for Barack Obama not once, but twice, and for staunchly defending his job-killing policies, Jack Conway is nothing but a rubber stamp for Obama's liberal agenda.

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