Sierra Club-Backed Jack Conway Pays Lip Service to Coal Industry

At the Kentucky Coal Association meeting, coal miners got a bunch of lip service from career politician Jack Conway. Jack Conway tries to dismiss his environmental extremist connections and his support for Obama’s agenda, but it’s not fooling Kentuckians

“If the Sierra Club is a friend of Jack’s how can he be a friend of coal? Jack Conway voted twice for Obama whose anti-coal regulations have forced 8,000 Kentucky coal workers out of jobs in the last four years," said campaign manager Ben Hartman. "Jack Conway was the reluctant attorney general who only stood up to the EPA when he was forced by committee. Jack Conway accepts money from the people on a mission to shut down Kentucky coal plants. Jack Conway hasblocked FOIA requests that show that this administration is in collusion with the EPA.”

“Yet, Jack Conway has the nerve to stand up in front of the owners and operators of our coal industry and tell them he will fight for them. Talk is cheap. The bottom line is career politician Jack Conway will say anything to get elected,” Hartman continued.

“In stark contrast, Matt Bevin is an outsider businessman not beholden to Washington special interests," said Hartman. "He promises a pro-business agenda that will protect the coal industry and bring new jobs to coal country.”

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