Ten Issues That Will Make Conway Sweat Tonight

Tonight, during the League of Women Voters debate at EKU expect to watch Jack Conway sweat over these issues.

  1. Obamacare– Jack Conway is a rubber stamp for Obamacare. Just two weeks ago, word of Obamacare’s collapse in Kentucky broke on a late Friday afternoon news dump. The Kentucky Health Cooperative is a $146M loss and will force 51,000 Kentuckians off of their insurance. In the very next week, the Feds released an audit of the Kynect exchange revealing serious flaws. When asked to debate the issue Jack Conway declined and said this failure is the “Kentucky way.
  2. Coal – Jack Conway is a rubber stamp for Obama’s anti-coal regulations. He is a proponent of Cap and Trade and has taken thousands of dollars from Sierra Club and their liberal activists. Just this week Conway-Obama’s war on coal cost another 180 jobs here in Kentucky.
  3. Abortion – Jack Conway is backed by abortion groups such as Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is making live calls on behalf of his campaign. Matt Bevin is pro-life and the only candidate endorsed by Kentucky Right to Life and even Dr. James Dobson.
  4. Right to Work – Jack Conway is backed by Unions who want to keep pro-jobs legislation such as Right to Work out of Kentucky. They are in the field making calls on behalf of Conway and pushing the anti-jobs message.
  5. Pension Crisis – Jack Conway has no plan to address the number one issue affecting the next budget because he is a career politician with no business experience.
  6. Budget & Taxes – Like a typical career politician, Jack Conway asked for more than the state could afford in his budget and calls it an “Old Joke in Frankfort.” Let's count the times tonight Jack advocates more spending without saying how he'll pay for it. (Hint: the answer is raise taxes)
  7. Negative Ads – Democrats have spent nearly $12M on negative ads because they have given up trying to sell Jack Conway to Kentucky voters. These ads were called “exaggerated and unfair” in Al Cross’ latest column.
  8. Board Appointments – Democrats running state government have broken the law by not appointing a sufficient amount of minorities to the University of Louisville board of trustees. Jack Conway sat idly by for 7.5 years until he was forced to look at this issue by Matt Bevin andcommunity protests.
  9. Gun restrictions – He’s for gun restrictions, like Obama.
  10. Transparency – Jack Conway is a career politician in witness protection. He has refused to campaign on the issues and has been hiding from the public throughout this campaign.