Matt Bevin Calls on Jack Conway to do His Job & Issue Opinion on Illegal Board Appointments

Today, GOP nominee for Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin called on Jack Conway to do his job and issue an opinion on Governor Beshear’s illegal board appointments. It has been ten weeks of no response from Jack Conway to requests for action from the African-American community in Louisville.

It has been reported numerous times that the Governor has blatantly ignored the legal requirements for racial and partisan balance on university board appointments. Instead, he has stacked the decks with political allies and donors. Law abiding Kentuckians want to know why our state Attorney General, Jack Conway, is refusing to address this issue and do the job he is being paid to do.   

"Once again, Jack Conway is derelict in his duties as Attorney General. State law mandates racial minority, gender and political balance on university board appointments. Jack Conway refuses to take action against the obvious abuse of board appointments even though it falls squarely under his jurisdiction," said Bevin. 

“It is highly inappropriate that for the first time since 1958, the University of Louisville does not have an African-American on its board of trustees because Governor Beshear wanted to reward political donors rather than obey the law. Last July, African-American ministers urged Jack Conway to issue an opinion on the obvious lack of minority balance.

“Jack Conway has turned his back on the African-American community. He says repeatedly, that he 'puts people over politics', but that is clearly not true.

"When I asked for an explanation at our first debate, Jack Conway dismissively said he would address this next June. That cowardly and politically motivated response is unacceptable when the law has clearly been broken. 

“Leadership means having the courage to stand up to that which is unjust and illegal. The right thing to do is to hold the governor accountable. 

“It has been more than ten weeks and Jack Conway still will not respond to leaders in the African-American community. Shame on him. If Conway won’t fulfill his duties as Attorney General, how can we trust him to do what is right as governor? Jack Conway needs to stop putting politics over people,” Bevin concluded. 

Watch: Minister’s coalition demands answers from AG on UofL board, WHAS 11, September 24, 2015.