The Right Side Has Momentum

Today, October 5, is the voter registration deadline for the 2015 general election. The Bevin-Hampton campaign is reminding all eligible Kentuckians who have not yet registered to get off the sidelines and take part in this critical election. 

“We want to remind all non-registered Kentuckians to take advantage of the hard-fought right to vote. We also believe that more Kentuckians are choosing the Republican Party because the Obama-Democrats are out of touch with Kentucky’s values of life, liberty, and limited government,” said campaign manager Ben Hartman.

Over the years, as the left has abandoned Kentucky’s values, the Republican Party has enjoyed registration gains at a much faster pace than the democrats. Total growth since Obama was first elected President is 288,143 voters. Republicans have captured 69.5 percent of the total growth over this seven year period. Democrat growth has nearly flat lined as their growth only represents 7.8 percent of total growth since 2008. 

“We have the enthusiasm and the energy of the voter base to win this election on November 3rd. From voter registration to social media engagement, momentum is on our side," continued Hartman. "As was seen in the primary, the Bevin-Hampton ticket attracts voters who have not typically been engaged. We aim to remind voters, Republican, Democrat, and Independent, that this November is about getting a fresh start. Matt Bevin is the outsider businessman who will protect our values and put us on a path to prosperity.”