Independent news sources have condemned Jack Conway’s false attacks on Matt Bevin as lies, distortions and false character assassination. Conway is simply recycling old lies already debunked in the press.

What Fact Checkers have said about the false attacks on Matt Bevin: 

PolitiFact called one of the attack ads FALSE and said that the “facts paint a very different picture” than the ad. 

FactCheck.org printed a scathing analysis of the one of the false ads.  

The Washington Post gave one ad three Pinocchios, which means it has “significant factual error and/or obvious contradictions,”and called it “especially misleading.”

Washington Post: “This ad especially reminds us of the Obama campaign’s attacks on Mitt Romney’s business record at Bain Capital, in which a sliver of truth often was taken out of context.”

Kentucky voters deserve the facts.

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FACT:  In 2008, at the request of his uncle, Matt Bevin stepped in and began providing financial assistance to help the struggling, family owned, Bevin Brother’s Manufacturing Company. This company was the last one in North America dedicated exclusively to making bells. It was founded in 1832 and is located in a town (East Hampton, CT) that is known as “Belltown, USA”.

As a successful businessman who understood the need for the modernization of outdated business practices, Matt knew that the company must change or face financial ruin. The company was bankrupt and a lack of immediate action would have resulted in many lost jobs.

Matt put his management experience and personal financial resources to work to save those blue collar jobs, paying off the tax liens that were placed against the company before his involvement.

After saving the business from financial collapse, Matt purchased the company  and became the 6th generation president in August of 2011. 

Matt Bevin, a proven business leader committed to the principle of fiscal responsibility, turned the financially strapped bell company into a successful business where jobs were saved, back taxes were paid in full, and the pride of “Made in America” was restored.

FACT: Michael Maniscalco, the Town Manager of East Hampton, CT, wrote, “Since 2008, Matt Bevin has been working with the Town to get delinquent taxes at the Bell factory paid in full. These delinquent taxes were prior to Mr. Bevin having an ownership interest in the company. It is our understanding that Mr. Bevin took ownership of Bevin Bell in August 2011. At that time, the company owed the Town in excess of $180,000 in back taxes.  By April 2012, delinquent taxes for the Grand Lists of 2005-2010 were paid in full.  Having the taxes paid in full has always been a priority of Mr. Bevin.”

Taxes on Vacation Home:

The claim that Matt did not pay taxes on his vacation home is misleading at best. A mix-up with a new mortgage company caused the taxes to be paid late after the company failed to get in touch with Matt. According to the city's Tax Collector Kimberly Sparks, "A lot of times we see that when there’s a change in escrow agents property taxes don’t get paid. That’s a common occurrence." In a letter Ms. Sparks noted that the tax bill sent to Matt "was returned from the Post Office as unclaimed.” Wrote Sparks:

"I remember Mr. Bevin contacting the office in January of 2009 inquiring about the status of his taxes as he was concerned that his accounts were paid by his new mortgage company. He was surprised to learn of the two tax liens and said he would contact his escrow agent to get them paid. By February of 2009, both liens were paid by National City Mortgage and were discharged by the Town. Mr. Bevin has always paid his taxes on time with this one exception with a new mortgage company."

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FACT: Matt Bevin is self employed and has not had a resume since 1993. 

The claim that Matt has ever had a resume stating that he attended or graduated from MIT is an outright lie.

From 2006 to 2008, Matt attended the MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program (formerly known as “Birthing of Giants”, an executive education program that seeks to “identify and bring together the next generation of entrepreneurial giants.” The full description of this program has been listed in Matt’s LinkedIn profile since he completed it in 2008.

Attending this program is the only link to any understanding of where this lie originated.


FACT: Matt Bevin has never supported cockfighting and has never attended a cockfight. Anything suggesting otherwise is a lie. 

Matt Bevin has never endorsed, condoned, or supported cruelty or violence to animals in any way. 


FACT: Matt Bevin plans to use the open enrollment period in 2016 to transition people from the state-level exchange to the federal exchange. Thirty-four states have never offered a state level exchange and Kentucky should join that majority. This will ensure continued access to health care coverage, while saving Kentucky taxpayers millions in state tax dollars.

There is no financial advantage to keeping a duplicative state-level exchange (Kynect) when the same needs are met at the federal level without the extra cost to Kentucky taxpayers.

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FACT: As a father of nine children (ages 5-16), Matt Bevin is a strong supporter of early childhood education and always has been. Jack Conway’s comments to the contrary are intentionally untrue and are meant to scare and distract voters. 

Matt feels strongly that money spent on outdated and ineffective programs, should be moved to programs proven to provide better outcomes. Anything less is a waste of precious financial resources needed for ensuring a quality education for young people of every age.

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FACT:  Matt Bevin believes that government at every level needs to be more efficient and seek ways to operate within its budget. This is no different than how we as taxpayers must operate our own homes and businesses. Here is a video of Matt discussing his thoughts on “P3” legislation: 

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